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The situation in the terrorist besieged villages of Kafarya & Foua is worsening.  Since the full siege began in March 2015 the UN has only succeeded in sending in one fuel delivery, a meagre 10,000 Litres that finally got through to the Idlib villages in January 2016.

These photos that have just been published from inside Kafarya and Foua show the desperate and ignored plight of these villagers who are struggling with starvation, lack of heat, electricity and medical supplies.

The villagers are being subjected to inhumanity and privation without any of the media attention being given to Madaya.  Why do their lives not have the same value?  Because they do not serve the NATO US propaganda.

Yemen is about watching life wither and turn to dust in front of your eyes, not because your hands cant keep hold of it but because it is obliterated by bombs, shattered by shrapnel, eviscerated by blast after blast of hate and vindictiveness.

In Yemen life is about resistance even when every fibre of your being is screaming to relinquish hope and succumb to grief.

In Yemen saying good bye is a daily occurrence, kissing your child's face, mingling your tears with their still-warm blood and wishing your breath could enter their body and bring them back to you one last time.

In Yemen the dust lives in your eyes and your mouth, grinding against your teeth like the gnawing hunger in your belly.

In Yemen hope is a crumb of stale bread or getting to the front of the queue for clean water.

In Yemen life has become a fight to retain every shred of dignity when your existence has been reduced to tattered remains of what you dreamed it would be.

In Yemen life is waking up every day to the cacophony of war, the orchestra of death and knowing you are alone.

In Yemen, resistance is all that is left because dying is better than kneeling before the snarling dogs of war.

In Yemen what is great and good in Humanity is a force that will never be subdued, this is Yemen and Yemen will prevail.

Whenever the US condemns anything, and everything, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is doing, it’s not hard to see through the real motives of the US. The US is having the UN condemn and impose sanctions on the DPRK as they claim that the DPRK is violating human rights, without any actual evidence. The US’s own human rights records are very poor and it’s surprising to see how the US have threated some of its allies who have been proved to violate human rights. For example, the US was always a good ally and trade partner of the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. The US together with its allies France and Britain vetoed a UN resolution passed by the UN General Assembly to eject South Africa from the UN due to it’s proven human rights violations. When the Sharpeville Massacre took place on 21 March 1960, when the South African racist police opened fire on a crowd of black protestors who protested against new segration laws and worsened conditions for the black majority, that was imposed on them by the white minority dictatorship. 180 people where wounded and 69 where murdered when the racist police opened fire on the crowd and many where shot in the back while they were running away from the shooting. As the US, France and Britain were allies of the apartheid regime and they were all key trade associates of South Africa, the Axis powers vetoed the resolution that had a majority of the UN General Assembly behind it. If the DPRK would open up its market to the imperialists and let US multinational companies exploit the natural resources of the DPRK, the US imperialists would stop talking about human rights, as they are not interested in it at all.

The DPRK supported and trained different liberation movements of the oppressed people in Africa, while the US always stood by the side of the oppressors in order to exploit Africa. The motive of the DPRK is based on independence for the masses, while the main motive of the US is to spread imperialism and to make profit, no matter how many that will have to suffer due to the foreign policies of the US. That is why the US is a genocidal state by nature and that is why the US have allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel, just to mention a few, who are also genocidal violators of human rights.

Surely one could be forgiven for thinking that when the Washington Post’s Chico Harlan (February 17) described the conclusions reached by the UN Human Rights Commission’s investigation into North Korea that he was really describing his own country, the United States. Harlan wrote, “The report makes for devastating reading, laying out the way North Korea conducts surveillance on its citizens (see Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s spying on US citizens…and everyone else), bans them from travel (anyone up for a visit to Cuba?), discriminates against them based on supposed ideological impurities (has the United States ever been kind to Marxist-Leninists?), tortures them (water boarding and Abu Ghraib) and sometimes banishes them to isolated prison camps, where they are held incommunicado” (recently Guantanamo and other CIA torture camps around the world to which opponents of the US regime have been rendered, more distantly, the incarceration of German-, Italian- and Japanese-Americans during WWII.)

The report recommends that North Korea be referred to the International Criminal Court at The Hague, but if the charges against North Korea are true, then surely the case for referring the United States to the same court is at least as compelling. Add the United States’ record of extrajudicial assassination, its world-leading rate of incarceration, its illegal wars, and its support for the most vile human rights violators on the planet, among them Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain, and the case for referring US leaders to The Hague is overwhelming.

US torture in iraq
US torture in iraq
The UN report says that North Korea is committing human rights violations “without any parallel in the contemporary world,” a conclusion that could only be reached by wilful blindness to the human rights violations of the United States, its democracy-abominating allies in the Gulf, and its south Korean neo-colony. South Korea, whose affronts against human rights are passed over largely in silence by the Western media (and it seems by the UN Human Rights Commission too), conducts surveillance on its citizens, bans them from travel to North Korea, discriminates against them if they hold views sympathetic to North Korea, its official Juche ideology or Marxism-Leninism, and uses its highly repressive National Security Law to lock up and intimidate anyone who has a good word to say about North Korea.

The UN report can hardly be taken seriously. It is a transparent effort to discredit a government that has, for more than half a century, been in the cross-hairs of a US program of military intimidation, economic warfare, diplomatic isolation and ideological assault, targeted for regime change for rejecting participation in a US-superintended global capitalist order. More than that, by passing over regimes that do what North Korea is accused of doing, it sanitizes the behavior of the United States and its allies, buttressing the ideological fiction that anti-capitalist governments are uniquely human rights violators, while upholders of global capitalism are uniquely champions of human rights.

If a case is to be pressed to refer North Korea to the ICC, then referrals of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea to The Hague—to start—are long overdue. Until this oversight is rectified, it is impossible to regard the UN report—and the western media’s coverage of it—as anything but sops to the propaganda imperatives of US foreign policy.

By Stephen Gowans
Following the execution - by beheading - in in some unspecified time in the future of forty seven prisoners by the Saudi regime, it's requested that they're off from this council and prohibited within the strongest attainable terms. one in all those decapitated was done therefore for speaking out against the regime. Dissent ought to be a person's right.

When others within the world ar being bombed for his or her brutality, the Saudi's ar lavished by world leaders attributable to their power within the geographic region and their possession of the earth destroying oil below their feet.

They represent a dangerous extremist Weltanschauung and seem to act with freedom once it involves human rights and then got to be off from the world organisation Human Rights Council and brought before it.

Through this act of international commonality we tend to is also ready to bring into order, a commonwealth making the most of the choking of the earth.