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The Venezuelan right would have paid large sums of money to voters who have borne by the policy option for the parliamentary elections to the National Assembly on 6 December.
This emerges from a report released Wednesday during the television program With the hammer, which moderates Diosdado Cabello through audio Venezolana de Television. The sound recorded conversation between Carlos Hermoso, leader of Red Flag and someone identified only as "Chicken".
In the brief dialogue, beautiful and "Chicken" narrate the incidents of the day of the legislative election. Although not precisely the amount paid per voter, "Pollo" says was "Ten sticks ten sticks" which in slang could mean 10,000 bolivars suffrage. "The strategy was expected. A realazo clean, clean platazo. Ten clubs ten sticks for anyone going to vote for us ... "he said the second of those.
Cabello said that this recording sparked an investigation, adding that no one has proven that payments were made by the opposition votes, but would have hired motor to impact force.
During the transmission of audiovisual area, President Nicolas Maduro, a contact live from Miraflores where he met with leaders of various popular movements who expressed support for the Bolivarian Revolution, described the documentary material and demanded the opening of an investigation and monitoring which will be conducted by the Chief Command-Chavez Bolivar Campaign, Jorge Rodriguez. "Are the tests," he said.
Then transcript of the dialogue between Carlos Hermoso (CH) and his friend Alias ​​Chicken (AP):
AP -¿Profesor, how are you?CH -Embarcado with you. You do not want to talk to me ... (laughs)AP worth No, I'm trying to get my huevonada, I'm there running. We will win, we will win but by a margin offensiveBut you will win CH number of votes or number of deputies?AP Er ... For both. By number of votes and number of seats. But what really matters is the number of MPs.CH Of course, the important thing is number of deputies, because the last time the number of lost votes.AP But already we won. The strategy was expected. A realazo clean, clean platazo. Ten clubs ten sticks for anyone going to vote for us. Like it who likes.CH -Verga, do you really believe that shit?AP-pack I saw yesterday, I saw garbage bags, full to the ass. I put up 20,000 bowls. I said, it goes ... That pussy and they are doing it ... of course obviously, the end will not give everything, but we will give either side later. And well, that as the first incentive. Otherwise, you know that, to clean realazo. Trein just given hundred-odd thousand ... ... pork, beef, whole shit ... shit ...Yeah, well anything, that's what we give, but the jolt comes immediately after. On Tuesday, no joke, Maduro will give a jolt to some people. There are some ministers who are already on order. Ministers pod referendum. That pod referendum would be trying to pull, collecting signatures of people.But that's the information that I have. The sheath, corroborated here, corroborating with Guyana Essequibo, he called me Colonel, if you come. Damn, we need to talk. I spoke with the Chinese.The Palace, of course, were losers 2% yesterday. Yesterday morning, and at night, this, that we were winning by 1%. Sure, it depended on what was the finale, no.It's what I knew cold at two in the afternoon, but at five was another story.Of course there was the 1 x 10. corduroy when they saw that the streets were empty in Aragua, sheaths and went to the houses ... Brother, what happened?CH - But that they have accounted for this so precisely?AP Yes, it is statistically a vergatario exitpoll. And two hours before being told, fuck, we win. My mistake was 1%.
Maria G. Chavez

Maria Gabriela Chavez, alternating ambassador of Venezuela to the Organization of United Nations (UN) and daughter of the eternal commander Hugo Chavez called on the Venezuelan people through a letter posted on his Twitter account @ Maby80, to continue defending the achievements achieved in 16 years of revolution.
It also found that the best tribute we can give the people his father is "to remain unscathed in the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution building equality and inclusion."
"Let us as appropriate for that purpose focused on the 'greatest happiness possible' does not change. He wins and be lavish generosity share with the opposite, "he said.
It also called on Venezuelans to "keep dreaming and building the great country that hosts us all", defending the achievements of 16 years of revolution, despite the attacks that have run right against the people, through mechanisms such as economic and media war.
"That these do not constitute dangerous paths leading to the irrationality of violence, intolerance and brake the progress," said Chavez.
In this regard, he recalled that President Chavez "gave us a backpack of love and respect for ethical and moral values" to be added to the aspirations of "democracy revolution and peace in fraternal union" of Venezuelans.
"It is our duty to defend the gains we have achieved so many sacrifices and be together every day to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution and Chavez, based on ethics and morality that left us the example of our beloved commander," said Maria Gabriela Chavez in the letter .