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In the eastern part of the mining Arch country located in Bolivar State in Venezuela has proven reserves of 4,300 tons in the field of Gold nothing and the signing of the document where the official certification starts, reserves projections experts say Venezuela could be placed above the 7 thousand tons, with the second gold reserve in the world with high potential to exceed the projected figures to stand as booking largest gold on the face of the earth with an approximate area of 111,000 square kilometers, today, these are data very important because in addition to the reserve of the world's largest oil with more than 490 billion barrels of oil and the second reserve largest land gas, these two also in the South American country (Venezuela).

Maduro reiterated that it has a national project. "We have a plan, but beyond that, we have the experience, national and international alliances, we have everything to turn this great engine, with the key players, national and major global investors from 35 countries, with our artisanal mining small and medium, to which we are giving special treatment and a clear vision of mining development, from concepts to ecosocialism biovidersidad absolute respect, "he said.
"The concept is to make a respectful exploitation of the environment and human being, and to a process of industrial development in Venezuela, advance a new development concept combining the high investment, high technology with artisanal miners in the country there."
He also noted that "everything is given to us to initiate a partnership, an association, new sources of wealth for Venezuela, the legal framework is established, it is very clear, and its spine is that our country develops, downstream in the ability to generate new sources of wealth of short, medium and long term, "he said.

Moreover, he stressed that the presence of 150 companies in the country is a demonstration of faith and trust, to deepen the capabilities of the nation.
"This is a very important act, I want to acknowledge the presence of all investors from 35 countries, who come 150 companies most in the world in the field of mining, taking the willing to work invitation is not anything, thanks for being with us, in a show of faith and trust in Venezuela, "he said from the vicinity of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).
Finally, Maduro added that "we can not build air leaderships, air Republics, we need to build leadership and real Republics, walk with the feet of those who work, to think with the head of those who feel the country and have the ability to depth feel the love that moves us as a country ". How did reacionará US with this new discovery in Venezuela?

Shocking documentary by US shows strong evidence of the brutal sabotage Venezuela leading to an unusual economic and social crisis worsens even more.

In the material shown in detail and blatantly steps designed to overthrow any government that opposes the policies of Washingnton using psychological techniques capable of destroying the subconscious of an entire society, plummeting the economy and quality of life citizens as a form of "combat" focused on blackmail. Such strategies have the particularity of distorting reality in the minds and make people think that there is no more guilty if not the government. Video is presumed to be a non-violent method but it is obvious that respondents did not talk about dead for being a public confession.

Watch the documentary, complete scan it and tell us if there is any similarity with what happens in Venezuela.

President Obama should bite the fingers have opened the doors to the Russian military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. By his decree, declaration of war against Venezuela, it has encouraged the latter to seek the good offices of Russia and its military technology to defend themselves. If it is for Venezuela to support a very important for Russia it is undoubtedly a totally unexpected opportunity. A golden opportunity for Putin to reciprocate in Washington that if this is done politically and militarily in Ukraine, the Balkans, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
Today's news that will interest very strongly right-thinking policies US war is that Russia and Venezuela will join the defensive military exercises planned for this weekend (14 and 15 March) throughout Venezuela. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, has accepted the invitation of his Venezuelan counterpart, Vladimir Padrino López, for Russia to participate in the military exercises of the air defense forces and Russian maneuvers multiple rocket launcher BM-30 Smerch cooking. this friendly entry of Russian ships in the ports of Venezuela is added.
Russia's participation in the defense of Venezuela against threats of US military invasion is not without its own military involvement remind Obama in Ukraine and in most countries bordering Russia. There will be no basis to complain of a friendly country, Russia, he is supporting another friendly country, Venezuela, which is in danger of invasion from its worst enemy, the United States.
We are obviously in 1962, during the missile crisis in Cuba, where the nuclear threat was 90 kilometers from the US border. In Venezuela, there are no nuclear weapons and the borders of the two countries are separated by thousands of kilometers. Moreover, Latin America today is no longer that of the 1960s Many people have overcome the oligarchic and imperial strength to conquer democratic state powers and to serve the common good. Many regional organizations have developed. His presence is a guarantee of the independence and integration of Latin American peoples. This is the case, among others, UNASUR, MERCOSUR, ALBA, CELAC of.
Russia responds to the call of VenezuelaObviously, Uncle Sam insists not recognize these changes and continue living as if Latin America was always his rear available at will patio. Sooner or later you have to change their attitude and policies. No longer are these people who need to change their policies and governance, but rather the one who has to make this change. Now is the people who twist the arm to change its old imperial habits respectful and respectable partners.

Today we commemorate the third anniversary of the departure of Commander and Eternal President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, historical figure of universal stature, whose painful absence cry for all the peoples of the world.
He had pointed José Martí that Bolivar was still much to do in America, but it took more than a century since the death of the prophet, so that the people of Venezuela, after hearing again his oath in the mouth of burrowing bravo Hugo Chavez to rise decided to follow a new liberating campaign that would shake every corner of the continent.
Chavez, after trying to take heaven by assault that 4 February 92, inspired by the rebellion of Venezuela against the impositions of transnational capital, would become over the years the only President of the Republic ratified by almost two dozens of elections. And the undisputed leader of the just cause of the people for justice, freedom and democracy against neoliberalism, discrimination and imperialist violence.
His human and political presence would be accompanied by hope, just as after the collapse of the European socialist model, the siren treated him to surrender all struggles for a better world. Nuestramérica start thanks to him to star again march sovereignty and dignity in an irrepressible budding integrated its historic to the cream of economic and social thought created by humanity roots.
Faced hatred of big business and the oligarchs, Chavez exceeded all ambushes always appealing to the conscience of the most humble and forgotten. The immense strength of its people and its solidarity with the oppressed, made their country an example of morality and civilization dreamed by El Libertador. Three years after his death, the all-powerful enemies of the people furious pounce on his work and paradigm, bent on collapse them by any means.
Shamefaced plans and sinister maneuvers, including that of Venezuela as a threat to the national security of the United States, add to the reactionary campaign of global and continental extreme right, which aims to pay the Bolivarian project with the economic war and destabilization institutional. Follower of Bolivar and Chavez, Nicolas Maduro's government defends itself with a worthy value of all solidarity and support. Venezuela is not alone.
The FARC-EP integrate Hugo Chavez and his historical legacy in our most important references. The strategic talent of President Chavez would determine to devote enormous efforts to the task of reaching a political solution to Colombia to its long internal confrontation. If management work of peace in our country is tied to peace on the continent, it behooves us to say with modesty that only peace throughout the continent can make peace possible in Colombia.
We booked to Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro and the people of Venezuela the most fraternal gratitude for the generosity and willingness amply demonstrated in the facts, despite their selfless discretion, to make possible the peace talks we advance in Havana with the government of Colombia . We are confident that the children of Bolívar are not only in Venezuela, but in Colombia, and Nuestramérica throughout the world.

Irma Lopez Aurelio, an indigenous woman giving birth on the grass, completely alone. Is 28 years old and the doctors refused to take it in the centre of health san filipe jalapa of Diaz, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, which is over there, this side of the camera.

According to the president of the municipality, Silvia flowers, a month ago, another identical case happened. New refusal of service by doctors to another indigenous woman with obvious signs of childbirth. So, we are faced with a policy (?) Of Health.

To all the idiots that go national allowing the fascist government of the psd go ending with the NHS, it leaves here one more alert especially women, for you to fight for their inalienable rights to the good health of their children and to their own.

The private medicine is a cancer embedded within society. It's an anomaly selfish an inhuman system that lives by the radicalisation of the capitalist system. The essence of everything that is private property aims, only, the profit. No private company, whatever their field of action, has the smallest concern with the well-being of the collective Portuguese population.

Today, three years of the death of Hugo Chavez, Supreme Commander of the bolivarian revolution and one of the icons of the resistance and globalists, anti-imperialist in Latin America.

Chavez has forged a political doctrine which falls within the general framework of the nationalist regimes and Latin American Revolutionaries. A Peronist declared, the inspiration of ideological chavez go since nationalism-Military De Velasco Alvarado in Peru to political realism of mao tse-Tung; of Christianity popular Latin American native indigenous to the ethos.

Its importance for the peoples is invaluable - your loss, irreparable.

The new resistance surrender your emotional tribute to this late and great comrade, whose absence is felt in every day. A real soldier politician. The Lion of Latin America!

Amid falling oil costs AN exceedingly|in a very} worsening economy and an “economic war” being waged by the non-public sector against the govt., Venezuela’s United Socialist Party loses the National Assembly elections. By JOHN CHERIAN

It was continuously about to be Associate in Nursing uphill fight for the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) within the National Assembly elections prevailed December six. With oil costs striking a historical low in recent years, the oil-dependent economy of the country has not been in a very healthy state. Oil accounts for ninety six per cent of the country’s export earnings. With the value of oil slippy from $108 a barrel in Gregorian calendar month 2014 to beneath $30 a barrel currently, Venezuela’s oil financial gain has quite halved within the past 2 years.

Under the leadership of President novelist Chavez, the state had introduced bold welfare schemes. once the oil revenue was high, the PSUV may implement its socialist agenda, including free health care and education for the poor. The dehydration of revenues light-emitting diode to shortages of essential things. Venezuela imports seventy per cent of the essential food things it wants. Inflation has been high, striking triple digits. The non-public sector, ne'er friendly to the govt., has resorted to mass layoffs and is manipulating currency controls. the govt. suspect the sector of ending “economic warfare”, together with manipulation of the costs of basic wants. The “economic war” has conjointly resulted within the enrichment of the small elite whereas pushing a lot of and a lot of Venezuelans below the personal income. within the half-moon of 2015, profits of personal sector banks within the country soared by seventy two per cent. The non-public sector in Venezuela continues to occupy the commanding heights of the economy. The media controlled by business have conjointly been taking part in a key role in vilifying the govt..

Shortage of essential goods

Venezuelans patently selected to vote on native problems that affected their daily lives. bound missteps by the govt. had conjointly contributed to the economic issues. Associate in Nursing poll taken in Gregorian calendar month disclosed that fifty two per cent of the Venezuelans believed that the opposition had “no arrange for the nation”, however apparently sixty seven per cent aforementioned “that the opposition has votes attributable to the discontent within the country however it doesn't have the popular backing”. the sensation among several grass-roots supporters of the PSUV was that the govt. wasn't effective in addressing basic issues like shortages in essential commodities. because the poll results have shown, the PSUV lost in several of its strongholds, inhabited by the poor and also the proletariat. The ruling party fared badly even in Barinas, the house state of Chavez.

The Venezuelan right would have paid large sums of money to voters who have borne by the policy option for the parliamentary elections to the National Assembly on 6 December.
This emerges from a report released Wednesday during the television program With the hammer, which moderates Diosdado Cabello through audio Venezolana de Television. The sound recorded conversation between Carlos Hermoso, leader of Red Flag and someone identified only as "Chicken".
In the brief dialogue, beautiful and "Chicken" narrate the incidents of the day of the legislative election. Although not precisely the amount paid per voter, "Pollo" says was "Ten sticks ten sticks" which in slang could mean 10,000 bolivars suffrage. "The strategy was expected. A realazo clean, clean platazo. Ten clubs ten sticks for anyone going to vote for us ... "he said the second of those.
Cabello said that this recording sparked an investigation, adding that no one has proven that payments were made by the opposition votes, but would have hired motor to impact force.
During the transmission of audiovisual area, President Nicolas Maduro, a contact live from Miraflores where he met with leaders of various popular movements who expressed support for the Bolivarian Revolution, described the documentary material and demanded the opening of an investigation and monitoring which will be conducted by the Chief Command-Chavez Bolivar Campaign, Jorge Rodriguez. "Are the tests," he said.
Then transcript of the dialogue between Carlos Hermoso (CH) and his friend Alias ​​Chicken (AP):
AP -¿Profesor, how are you?CH -Embarcado with you. You do not want to talk to me ... (laughs)AP worth No, I'm trying to get my huevonada, I'm there running. We will win, we will win but by a margin offensiveBut you will win CH number of votes or number of deputies?AP Er ... For both. By number of votes and number of seats. But what really matters is the number of MPs.CH Of course, the important thing is number of deputies, because the last time the number of lost votes.AP But already we won. The strategy was expected. A realazo clean, clean platazo. Ten clubs ten sticks for anyone going to vote for us. Like it who likes.CH -Verga, do you really believe that shit?AP-pack I saw yesterday, I saw garbage bags, full to the ass. I put up 20,000 bowls. I said, it goes ... That pussy and they are doing it ... of course obviously, the end will not give everything, but we will give either side later. And well, that as the first incentive. Otherwise, you know that, to clean realazo. Trein just given hundred-odd thousand ... ... pork, beef, whole shit ... shit ...Yeah, well anything, that's what we give, but the jolt comes immediately after. On Tuesday, no joke, Maduro will give a jolt to some people. There are some ministers who are already on order. Ministers pod referendum. That pod referendum would be trying to pull, collecting signatures of people.But that's the information that I have. The sheath, corroborated here, corroborating with Guyana Essequibo, he called me Colonel, if you come. Damn, we need to talk. I spoke with the Chinese.The Palace, of course, were losers 2% yesterday. Yesterday morning, and at night, this, that we were winning by 1%. Sure, it depended on what was the finale, no.It's what I knew cold at two in the afternoon, but at five was another story.Of course there was the 1 x 10. corduroy when they saw that the streets were empty in Aragua, sheaths and went to the houses ... Brother, what happened?CH - But that they have accounted for this so precisely?AP Yes, it is statistically a vergatario exitpoll. And two hours before being told, fuck, we win. My mistake was 1%.
Maria G. Chavez

Maria Gabriela Chavez, alternating ambassador of Venezuela to the Organization of United Nations (UN) and daughter of the eternal commander Hugo Chavez called on the Venezuelan people through a letter posted on his Twitter account @ Maby80, to continue defending the achievements achieved in 16 years of revolution.
It also found that the best tribute we can give the people his father is "to remain unscathed in the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution building equality and inclusion."
"Let us as appropriate for that purpose focused on the 'greatest happiness possible' does not change. He wins and be lavish generosity share with the opposite, "he said.
It also called on Venezuelans to "keep dreaming and building the great country that hosts us all", defending the achievements of 16 years of revolution, despite the attacks that have run right against the people, through mechanisms such as economic and media war.
"That these do not constitute dangerous paths leading to the irrationality of violence, intolerance and brake the progress," said Chavez.
In this regard, he recalled that President Chavez "gave us a backpack of love and respect for ethical and moral values" to be added to the aspirations of "democracy revolution and peace in fraternal union" of Venezuelans.
"It is our duty to defend the gains we have achieved so many sacrifices and be together every day to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution and Chavez, based on ethics and morality that left us the example of our beloved commander," said Maria Gabriela Chavez in the letter .