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Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria.

Breaking: Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria. Turkey is prepared to close the Bosporus and attack Russian ships in the Mediterranean.

Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria.
 This morning our sources are reporting that Turkey is bringing into the Syrian Kurdish region, via the age old ambulance cover, a part of its biological weapons warfare that it thinks it will be able to deny. But after the big Sarin gas attack in Syria that was tracked back to Turkish involvement, the Lugar lab and other bioweapons undercover labs ringing the Russian Federation have been watched very carefully for the obvious threat that they were.

Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria.

We do not know how much US and NATO cooperation there may be, if any, on this. Erdogan was busting a guy this week for denouncing the US for working with the Syrian Kurds, a touché to Erdogan for not really fighting ISIL, but using that as a cover to run his war on the Kurds.


- Jeffrey Silverman - VT

Comfortable living for Russians. Satiety, the consumer society, more stores, more products, "a hundred varieties of sausage." Can there be all this purpose, the raison d'etre of Russia and our people? Can not. Supermarkets, "Mall" shopping centers, cinemas, cafes, bars, restaurants, strip clubs, hype, operating in the low human and plant infantilism in adult humans? You it is still not sick?
It can not be "comfortable, normal life" (as expressed in our "elite"), that is getting your belly, getting pleasure from different "consumer goods", the purchase of a regular TV, a smartphone or a car to be a worthy goal of being Russia and the Russian people. So decent, the ultimate goal in our present existence is not.

On the approach to semantic depth

"When the ship did not know where to go, no wind is favorable." So said the famous Stoic philosopher Seneca, who was born in 4 BC and died in 65 AD. The instructor of the emperor Nero, at one time virtually ruled Rome Seneca lived in the time when Rome was almost exhausted, and was close to its collapse. While the question of the future, meaning, goal setting was no less acute than it is today, and can be connected with it quoted him as saying on our ship, course and wind. The philosopher Seneca was regarded as a secret Christian, believed that he had corresponded with Paul and perhaps Christianity Seneca saw the strength of the future of revival of Rome.
Seneca refused to sanction the persecution of Christians and opponents of Nero, after he was killed on the orders of Nero, his former pupil. But Rome three centuries converted to Christianity more than a thousand years lived and developed in the form of the Byzantine Empire, which is then passed on the baton of the Orthodox Empire of Moscow Russia. So the words of Seneca about the search target (meaning - the project) and wind (force implementing the project) for the vehicle (state) associated with the Russian past and pose the right questions for the Russian future. Where floats Russia? What is the wind we incidental?
Russia was formed as a state under enormous influence of Orthodoxy, has had on the history, culture, underlying codes of the Russian people a decisive influence. And even a weakening of the influence of the Orthodox faith in the society of the late 19th century and the 20th century does not change the fact that today, in the 21st century we live in a state with Orthodox culture and many of our fellow citizens live with you in the Orthodox faith. Therefore, to talk about the past, present or future, Russia can and should be including the use of Christian language, the Orthodox on the level at which it will be understood by the people and seriously religious and unbelieving people, who can be called secular.
For people who are close to the views of the Soviet, communist, but it is not clear to me the reasons these people can not understand or accept the language of Orthodox I want to say that educated and patriotic people living in Russia must understand the Russian Orthodox language and speak it, or else This man can not be either before the end of educated nor patriotic, and it will not be understood by the majority of Russian citizens.
Besides, Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union said that it is necessary to develop all the world (and hence Russian) cultural wealth. That's what they say about it in the TSB:

"Program of the communist education of the youth, Lenin was to depend on the development of the cultural revolution. To build communism, youth must urgently learn - learn communism. Lenin explained that" ... a mistake to think it sufficient to learn communist slogans and the conclusions of communist science, without acquiring that sum of knowledge of which communism itself is "(ibid, p. 303). Learning is necessary because the present" can become a Communist only when you enrich your mind with a knowledge of all the treasures created by mankind "(ibid , p. 305). Lenin said that the culture of communism can not be viewed in isolation from the world civilization. "

Including why a Communist should learn Orthodox stratum of Russian culture, especially since we live in the 21st century, not the 19th. Time has changed ...
Russian philosophers of the late 19th century also spoke a language includes a major Orthodox level that is the main purpose of our conversation. On the Russian idea. On the way, the ideal existence of Russia. On of the harbor, where the course is to keep Russian ship. The great Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev in the "Russian idea" (1888) said: "The idea of ​​a nation is not what it thinks of itself in time, but what God thinks about it in eternity." Such determination may confound, because it is impossible to even tell people about what God thinks of Russia in eternity. But it is important that the concept of the idea of ​​the nation (and hence the "Russian idea") Soloviev includes the concept of "God" and "eternity".
Soloviev, speaking about the Russian idea, talked about vseednistve, on the development of the world's Christian heritage in the future to "the peoples of the connection and transformation of mankind": "Russian idea, Russian historical duty requires us to recognize our close connection with the universal family of Christ and the treatment of our national talents, all the power of our empire to the final implementation of the social trinity, where each of the three main organic unity of the church, state and society is certainly free and Reigning not in disunion from the other two, absorbing or destroying them, but in a statement of unconditional inner communication with them. To restore the earth, this faithful image of the divine Trinity - that is the Russian idea. " ("Russian idea," 1888).
Someone can blame the philosophy of Soloviev in excessive "mysticism", but talked about the idea of ​​one of the Russian prosecutors Berdyaev: "Russia is designed to be a liberator of other nations ... It is necessary to release the spiritual life, of a religious chained to the material life. Russia must overcome the fear of the new, to take an active role in the transformation of the world. Russia should be between east and west. Russia should be free from the influence of Europe, from the desire to be like her, then our country will become spiritually independent and lead humanity towards unity. In the Christian messianism Russia no denying the role of other nations, Christ is the same for all nations, the continuation of the cultural mission of Russia due to the continuation of other cultures. Russian idea is the "idea kommyunitarnosti (catholicity, unity) and the brotherhood of people and nations."
More compare views on the Russian idea N.Berdyaev and Soloviev need to separately, but these views are very much in common. Here and Russian messianism, and reliance on Christianity, and the negation of nationalism and reliance on the integrity of the cathedral, a symphony of all peoples, communitarianism, unity and brotherhood of all peoples and talking about "Russia's active role in the transformation of the world to this ideal."

We understand that among Russian thinkers and philosophers can find other ideological constructions like the different right-nationalist and left-socialist, and others (Eurasianism panslavinizm ...). But, first, you can not and should not try to embrace the whole of Russian philosophical and social thought of the 19th century in the LJ-style and, secondly, all that is necessary to consider the practical question of the meaning of life and the future of Russia in the 21st, we Try to point out below, or in other articles.

Russia today. The project and its meaninglessness

Russia in the 21st century, along with the serious social regression on the one hand is very complex, multidimensional, ambiguous and not clear geopolitical and domestic situation. And the more difficult to understand the reality of society. To give teeth on edge in the patriotic environment, an example about the article 13 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, where Russian "ideological diversity is recognized" and states that "no ideology can be established as state or obligatory."
But in practice, in the Russian Federation today established rules and anti-Soviet capitalist liberal-democratic part of the sovereign, partially globalist system (LDS AK HS), and hence an ideology.
Anti-Soviet is this ideology because the Russian Federation is based on the Soviet material and other achievements of the Russian elite, and therefore should be moderately or inflame anti-Soviet, and because it is built on the destruction and negation of the previous state. In this ideological anti-Soviet elite, not just publicly declared, as classified and that full implementation will explode and destroy Russia, but anti-Soviet policy and creeping incessantly being implemented in highly Sovietised country (from 60 to 90% of the pro-Soviet population). And this is the first serious contradiction in today's Russia. The anti-Soviet elite can not celebrate Victory Day 9th May.
The capitalist economy, in which most of the means of production are concentrated in private hands of a few, who do not create anything, receive a basic income from the use of these means of production. At the same time if you remember how these means of production (oil and gas rigs, refineries, ports and pipelines) in the 90s were way thieves are privatized, it becomes absolutely clear that Russian capitalism at its core criminals. And this is the second serious criminality contradiction that in the limit puts an end to the capitalist project of Russia in general.
Liberal - democratic political system - it mnogopartiyost in which supposedly there is a competition of parties in the Duma and the competition of candidates for the presidential elections. In fact, the authorities in the State Duma passed in one of the elite group, which has different names: "Democratic Russia" - "Fatherland All Russia" - "United Russia" - (ONF ???).
The president's political power after 1999 is transmitted within the same elite group (the security forces) and legitimized at national elections. The people elect Putin, Medvedev, Putin, then head of the country again, and this power in an elite group of Russian security forces formally becomes legal and legitimate in the eyes of society.
And this discrepancy declared democracy to the actual elite power "relay race" is the third serious contradiction in modern Russia.
Part of leadership is an elite group of liberals - marketeers, but considers immutable value of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia, Putin and modulated by a liberal - a sovereign policy.Another part of the elite group is still large and liberal marketeers and for a deeper entry into the global system is ready to give up part or all of the sovereignty of Russia, and thrust Russia into pieces, enter "Europe" (NATO ... underline).The persistent low-intensity conflict between the elite "National" and "comprador" (allochthonous and autochthonous, patriots and Westerners) is the fourth serious contradiction in modern Russia.
Each of these contradictions is listed by itself serious, but the combination of these factors, there are unsolvable without serious social and public turmoil combination of contradictions. Russia, as the ship is full of internal contradictions. We do not even touch on the external contradictions, which are even more serious.
It is not clear why the Russian held today (AK LDS HS) Course, which implemented the project. In order to piece the Russian oligarchs have earned an extra billion of greenery, small middle class ate (yet) "comfortable life", and the common people barely making ends meet? About these ideals are not even dreamed of Socialists and Christian soil and Russian philosophers. The current elite even before they have to be ashamed of ...
The current "denim heaven" is not a worthy goal for Russia, it is a disgrace.
It is necessary to discuss and current disadvantage of Russia and our past that will help us find the right path in the future and lead the world.The ship should be to find a destination, and a fair wind.
"We are happy that we were able to agree on all issues, especially on economic," - said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the summit of the Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). Total for the year summit was held in the Kremlin.

 Monitoring instead of protecting
 Questions, which was able to negotiate, Lukashenko is not listed. But on the eve of the summit Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that the presidents will discuss the system of appointments to the Eurasian Economic college, as well as on Russia's initiative, the protective measures that may be required after between Ukraine and the European Union from January 1, 2016 will earn Free Zone trade.The presidents of the five decided in the first quarter to study the consequences of this step, Lukashenko said: "We made a decision: during the first quarter a number of issues we will examine and consider what to do, first of all, to support our allied Russia" (quoted by "RIA Novosti" ).

To account for goods coming from the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union will create a unified information system, the chairman of the Eurasian counterpart Viktor Khristenko. And the response of the country agree in the first half at the unilateral level, he said. On the summit of the presidents did not discuss the response, told reporters the first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov. According to him, the Russian side has explained how to act, and the other states will decide how to react.

RBC experts interviewed said earlier that Kazakhstan and Belarus with Russia make up the core of the union, are unlikely to introduce specific response, as did Russia: since January 1, Moscow cancels the free trade regime with Ukraine.

The solution that countries themselves will determine how to respond to the actions of Ukraine and the EU, shows that the Customs Union is still no common policy. Russia on its own initiative imposes sanctions, although such a decision must be taken by consensus, in response, Belarus and Kazakhstan have reserved the right to decide to join or not its actions, says Belarusian economist Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Condemnation of Turkey

According to the vice-premier of Russia Igor Shuvalov, at the summit of the EAEC the issue was not discussed in Turkey. Turkey, the presidents discussed the afternoon - at the summit of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), where they were joined by Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon. The summit was supported by Russia and condemned the actions of Turkey, shot down a Russian bomber in Syria."This step does not help Turkey consolidate international efforts to counter terrorism, the settlement of the situation in Syria and the restoration of peace in the region" - said the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. The summit adopted a declaration in which the participants were in favor of block formation of a broad coalition to combat terrorism on the basis of the UN Charter. It is to this in recent months, calls on Russia.The Presidents also decided to extend the mandate for a year, CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha. The Presidents instructed him, as well as the ministers for foreign affairs and defense of the Member States to develop a procedure for the distribution of quota posts in the organization. The fact that the CSTO Secretary General and some officials should be appointed on a rotating basis, the CSTO presidents agreed at the summit in September. The possibility of appointing a new head of the secretariat is already at the summit. As a result, adopted a compromise, said political analyst Ajdar Kurts. According to him, the appointment of a new secretary-general on the principle of rotation is already at the summit could serve Kazakhstan.Accommodations in the Kremlin - the condemnation of Turkey and an agreement on the monitoring of the effects of the free trade regime between Ukraine and the EU - the most that could count Russia, said Alexander Gushchin, an expert of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs. The summit can be said that Russia was not in the isolation of the CIS, has received support from close allies, but relations with Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to get it will be more difficult, as there are strong position in Turkey.

The main thing is that Russia was supported by the power unit at the CSTO summit; As regards sanctions against Ukraine, it was clear that harmonizing the issue expressly not work due to the difference in the profile of the economies of countries, said political analyst Kirill Koktysh.