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The survey of electoral preferences, conducted on the site On the eve in the period from February 24 to March 1, revealed a curious section of opinions. Against the backdrop of the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the vast majority of "virtual vote" KPRF received.

The survey, which was only one question: "Who would you vote for in the elections to the Duma?", The site was attended by 2 thousand 487 respondents - it is even more than in the standard opinion polls, which are conducted by VTsIOM, but naturally. it does not take into account the sociological sample.

On the leading place was the Communist Party, which received 44.4% of the votes polled.Remained in second place, "United Russia" won only 8%, while the other parties have failed to overcome the 5% barrier. 4.7% received "Falcons Zhirinovsky" further ahead "Socialist", located "Homeland" with 3.9%. Same result - by 3.6% scored "Fair Russia" and "RPR-Parnas", 0.1% of them are behind "The Communists of Russia".

As for the other parties with an opportunity to participate in the elections to the State Duma without collecting signatures, the "Apple" has collected 1.8% of the vote, "party of pensioners" - 1.1%, "Patriots of Russia" - 1%. "Just Cause", "Civic Platform", "Green" and "Civil Force" were the result of lower than 1%.

Today we commemorate the third anniversary of the departure of Commander and Eternal President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, historical figure of universal stature, whose painful absence cry for all the peoples of the world.
He had pointed José Martí that Bolivar was still much to do in America, but it took more than a century since the death of the prophet, so that the people of Venezuela, after hearing again his oath in the mouth of burrowing bravo Hugo Chavez to rise decided to follow a new liberating campaign that would shake every corner of the continent.
Chavez, after trying to take heaven by assault that 4 February 92, inspired by the rebellion of Venezuela against the impositions of transnational capital, would become over the years the only President of the Republic ratified by almost two dozens of elections. And the undisputed leader of the just cause of the people for justice, freedom and democracy against neoliberalism, discrimination and imperialist violence.
His human and political presence would be accompanied by hope, just as after the collapse of the European socialist model, the siren treated him to surrender all struggles for a better world. Nuestramérica start thanks to him to star again march sovereignty and dignity in an irrepressible budding integrated its historic to the cream of economic and social thought created by humanity roots.
Faced hatred of big business and the oligarchs, Chavez exceeded all ambushes always appealing to the conscience of the most humble and forgotten. The immense strength of its people and its solidarity with the oppressed, made their country an example of morality and civilization dreamed by El Libertador. Three years after his death, the all-powerful enemies of the people furious pounce on his work and paradigm, bent on collapse them by any means.
Shamefaced plans and sinister maneuvers, including that of Venezuela as a threat to the national security of the United States, add to the reactionary campaign of global and continental extreme right, which aims to pay the Bolivarian project with the economic war and destabilization institutional. Follower of Bolivar and Chavez, Nicolas Maduro's government defends itself with a worthy value of all solidarity and support. Venezuela is not alone.
The FARC-EP integrate Hugo Chavez and his historical legacy in our most important references. The strategic talent of President Chavez would determine to devote enormous efforts to the task of reaching a political solution to Colombia to its long internal confrontation. If management work of peace in our country is tied to peace on the continent, it behooves us to say with modesty that only peace throughout the continent can make peace possible in Colombia.
We booked to Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro and the people of Venezuela the most fraternal gratitude for the generosity and willingness amply demonstrated in the facts, despite their selfless discretion, to make possible the peace talks we advance in Havana with the government of Colombia . We are confident that the children of Bolívar are not only in Venezuela, but in Colombia, and Nuestramérica throughout the world.

Exceptionalism: the condition of being different from the norm; also:  a theory expounding the exceptionalism especially of a nation or region.

There are many theories surrounding the origin of American exceptionalism. The most popular in US folklore, being that it describes America’s unique character as a “free” nation founded on democratic ideals and civil liberties. The Declaration of Independence from British colonial rule is the foundation of this theory and has persevered throughout the often violent history of the US since its birth as a free nation.

Over time, exceptionalism has come to represent superiority in the minds and hearts of Americans. Belief in their economic, military and ideological supremacy is what has motivated successive US governments to invest in shaping the world in their superior image with little or no regard for the destruction left in the wake of their exceptional hegemony.

In considering itself, exceptional, the US has extricated itself from any legal obligation to adhere to either International law or even the common moral laws that should govern Humanity.  The US has become exceptionally lawless and authoritarian particularly in its intolerant neo-colonialist foreign policy.  The colonized have become the colonialists, concealing their brutal savagery behind a veneer of missionary zeal that they are converting the world to their form of exceptionalist Utopia.

Such is the media & marketing apparatus that supports this superiority complex, the majority of US congress exist within its echo chamber and are willing victims of its indoctrination. The power of the propaganda vortex pulls them in and then radiates outwards, infecting all in its path.  Self-extraction from this oligarchical perspective is perceived as a revolutionary act that challenges the core of US security so exceptionalism becomes the modus vivendi.

Just as Israel considers itself the chosen people from a religious perspective, the US considers itself the chosen nation to impose its version of Democratic reform and capitalist hegemony the world over. One can see why Israel and the US make such symbiotic bedfellows.
“The fatal war for humanity is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the US and Washington’s NATO and Asian puppet states.  The bigotry of the US power elite is rooted in its self-righteous doctrine that stipulates America as the “indispensable country” ~ Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Drives the World Towards War.
So why do the American people accept US criminal hegemony, domestic and foreign brutal tyranny & neo-colonialist blood-letting with scant protest? Why do the European vassal states not rise up against this authoritarian regime that flaunts international law and drags its NATO allies down the path to complete lawlessness and diplomatic ignominy?

The psychological term “Gaslighting” comes from a 1944 Hollywood classic movie called Gaslight.  Gaslighting describes the abuse employed by a narcissist to instil in their victim’s mind, an extreme anxiety and confusion to the extent where they no longer have faith in their own powers of logic, reason and judgement. These gaslighting techniques were adopted by central intelligence agencies in the US and Europe as part of their psychological warfare methods, used primarily during torture or interrogation.
Gaslighting as an abuser’s modus operandi, involves, specifically, the withholding of factual information and its replacement with false or fictional information designed to confuse and disorientate. This subtle and Machiavellian process eventually undermines the mental stability of its victims reducing them to such a depth of insecurity and identity crisis that they become entirely dependent upon their abuser for their sense of reality and even identity.

Gaslighting involves a step by step psychological process to manipulate and destabilize its victim.  It is built up over time and consists of repetitive information feeds that enter the victim’s subconscious over a period of time, until it is fully registered on the subconscious “hard disk” and cannot be overridden by the conscious floppy disk.  Put more simply, it is brainwashing.
Overall, the main reason for gaslighting is to create a dynamic where the abuser has complete control over their victim so that they are so weak that they are very easy to manipulate.” ~ Alex Myles
Victims of Gaslighting go through 3 stages, disbelief, defence and depression.
The first stage depends upon trust in the integrity and unimpeachable intentions of the abuser, a state of reliance that has been engendered by the abuser’s artful self-promotion and ingratiating propaganda.  Once this trust is gained, the abuser will begin to subtly undermine it, creating situations and environments where the victim will begin to doubt their own judgement.  Eventually the victim will rely entirely upon the abuser to alleviate their uncertainty and to restore their sense of reality which is in fact that of the abuser.

The second stage, defence, is a process by which the abuser isolates the victim, not only from their own sense of identity but from the validation of their peers.  They are made to feel that their opinion is worthless, discredited, down-right weird.  In political circles they would be labelled a conspiracy theorist, a dissident, a terror apologist.  As a consequence, the victim will withdraw from society and cease to express themselves for fear of ridicule, judgement or punishment.

This stage can also be compared to Stockholm Syndrome where a hostage or captive is reduced,by psychological mind games, back to infantile dependency upon their captor.  Narcissistic abuse bonds the victim to the aggressor via trauma.  Stockholm Syndrome bonds the victim to the aggressor via regression to an infantile state where the abuser/aggressor becomes the “parent” who will rescue the victim from imminent annihilation.  Both methods tap into the victim’s survival mechanisms to gain and maintain control.

The final stage is depression.  A life under the tyrannical rule of a narcissist drives the victim into a state of extreme confusion.  They are stripped of dignity & self-reliance.  They, ultimately exist in an information vacuum which is only filled by that which the abuser deems suitable or relevant.  This can eventually invoke symptoms of PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]. Flashbacks, constant apprehension, hyper vigilance, mind paralysis, rage and even violence.  The process is complete and the victim has been reduced to a willing accomplice in the abusers creation of a very distorted reality.
We are currently seeing the transformation of US exceptionalism into an abusive Narcissism.  The gargantuan apparatus of mind bending and controlling is being put into hyper drive by the ruling elite.  We are inundated with propaganda that challenges our sense of reality but only after being “tenderized” by the fear factor.  Fear of “terror”, fear of war, fear of financial insecurity, fear of gun violence, fear of our own shadow.  Once we are suitably quaking in our boots, in comes the rendition of reality that relieves our anxiety.  If we challenge this version of events we are labelled a conspiracy theorist, a threat to security. We are hounded, discredited, slandered and ridiculed.  We are isolated and threatened.

Wars are started in the same way.  Despite the hindsight that should enable us to see it coming, the process swings into motion with resounding success. The ubiquitous dictator, the oligarch who threatens to destroy all that the US and her allies represent which of course is, freedom, equality & civil liberty all wrapped up in the Democracy shiny paper and tied with the exceptionalist ribbon.
Next the false flag to engender fear, terror and to foment sectarian strife. The support of a “legitimate” organic, indigenous “revolution” conveniently emerging in tandem with US ambitions for imposing their model of governance upon a target nation. The arming of “freedom fighters”, the securing of mercenary additions to these manufactured proxy forces.  All this is sold in the name of freedom and democracy to a public that is already in a state of anxiety and insecurity, lacking in judgement or insight into any other reality but that of their “abuser”.

Then in addition, the Humanitarians are deployed.  The forces for “good”, the vanguard of integrity and ethical intervention.  The power that offers all lost souls a stake-holding in the salvation of sovereign nations that have lost their way and need rescuing.  A balm for a damaged soul, to know they can leave their doubts and fears in such trustworthy hands as HRW, Amnesty International, they can assuage their deep sense of guilt at the suffering being endured by the people of far flung nations because they can depend upon the NGOs to provide absolution with minimal effort on their part.  They don’t realise that NGOs are an integral part of their abuser’s apparatus, operating on the leash of neo-colonialist financing and influence.  NGOs provide the optic through which the abuser will allow the victim to perceive their world and once absorbed into this flawed prism the victim’s own cognitive dissonance will ensure they do not attempt a jail break.

In this state of oppressed consciousness the victim accepts what they are told.  They accept that the US can sell cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia that obliterate human beings and lay waste to essential civilian infrastructure in Yemen.  They accept that the US financially, ideologically & militarily supports the illegal state of Israel and provides the arsenal of experimental weapons that maim and mutilate children and civilians on a scale that is unimaginable.  They accept that a crippling blockade of the already impoverished and starving nation of Yemen is “necessary” to resolve the issues of sectarian divisions that only exist in the minds of their Congressional abusers.

The majority of Americans accept mass murder under the pretext of the right to protect, because their ability to form rational and reasoned opinions has been engineered out of them.  This is now the definition of US exceptionalism.  It is their ability to manipulate the world into accepting their lawlessness and global hegemony agenda.  In seeking to impose its own image upon our world the US has drifted so far from its founding principles, one wonders how they will ever return to them.  They have employed a recognised form of torture to ensure capitulation to their mission of world domination which entails the mental, physical and spiritual torture of target civilian populations.

In conclusion, the US has indeed achieved exceptionalism.  The US has become an exceptional global executioner and persecutor of Humanity.  Imperialism is a euphemism for the depths of abuse the US is inflicting upon the people of this world.

Our only hope is to break the cycle of abuse with empathy for the victim and with appreciation for the years of brainwashing that precedes their agonizing passive-aggressive apathy towards crimes being committed in “their name”.

This was an email I received recently from one courageous young American girl whose epiphany is testament to the resilience and survival instinct of the human spirit.
My name is Caroline and I am a 22 year old US citizen. I only fairly recently discovered the truth about Empire/NATO’s activities in Syria and Libya and so many other countries (thanks to writers like Andre Vltchek, Cory Morningstar, Forrest Palmer). I am sickened when I remember that I signed some of those Avaaz petitions and I feel horrified at knowing that I have Syrian and Libyan blood on my hands. I want to believe that I’m not “really” guilty because I really thought (as I had been told) that I was not doing something bad at the time, but still, what I did contributed to the suffering of those people and I want to do something to atone in at least some small way, even though I probably can’t “make up” for what I did or erase my crime. 
If it’s not too much trouble, could you please tell me what you think I should do, if there is anything?” 
She deserves an answer…

In case you missed it, Bhutan has a new royal baby on the way. The western corporate media's propaganda is incredible. Here is a taste from Fairfax Media Limited in their article "Royal Baby Joy For Bhutan":

"Congratulations from citizens of the "happiest country on Earth" have poured in for the Bhutanese royal family, following the happy news that the queen is expecting a son. King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 35, made the announcement on November 11, in a royal address during the 60th birthday celebrations of his father, the nation's fourth king. "I'm deeply pleased to announce that Jetsun and I look forward to the birth of our son," the Oxford-educated king said in a statement, adding that his heir is due in February 2016. ...The surprise news was warmly received by Bhutanese subjects."

Warmly received? Happiest country on Earth? Today, the Indian allied Bhutanese ruling class remains extremely repressive. As capitalism and imperialism keep Bhutan poor, Bhutan’s Nepalese speaking minority, communists, and journalists remain highly oppressed by the Buddhist government.

Among Bhutan’s statistics is an illiteracy rate of 47%. The standard of living is so poor in the country that the king announced in the 1970s a new measure, the measure of Gross National Happiness based on Buddhist values rather than the material world. Similar clap trap runs like diarrhea from the mouth of the Dalai Lama, the deposed former absolute ruler of Tibet.

Progress came to Tibet through communist revolution. With the overthrow of the Dalai Lama, in the time of Mao’s rule, chattel slavery and serf slavery were abolished in Tibet; Punishments like amputations of limbs and removal of eyes for escaped slaves, communists, and other “crimes” were abolished; Religion and state were separated; Life expectancy doubled; Education was provided to everyone for free where the average person had none before the revolution; Healthcare was provided where there was none; And massive state run development programs in Tibet today continue to raise the standard of living.

Fact is, China, due to their social revolution, outdoes capitalist Nepal, Bhutan, and India on all basic measures of real happiness from women’s literacy and literacy in general to life expectancy. These are real human gains brought about in the material world that bring real human happiness. Gross Human Happiness based on Buddhist values in a “quaint” mountain kingdom? That may play well among relatively privileged new age adherents in the west who often have their basic needs met, in part due to the wealth gained in the imperialist world centers through capitalist plunder of subjugated countries, but for much of the world, development and other advances are life and death questions. And far more than capitalism, it is primarily the efficiency of planned socialist economies established in worker and farmer anti-imperialist revolutions that can deliver the goods.

Bhutan, unlike the People’s Republic of China, never had a social revolution. It is a country with no separation of religion and state and was, up until 2011, still ruled by a monarchy. In 1958, the Buddhist absolute monarchy of Bhutan freed its slaves, carried out a land reform, and carried out some democratic reforms that elevated Jigme Palden Dorji’s position to that of prime minister. This was not coincidental to influences and fears the Bhutanese ruling class would have had of the potential spread of the social revolution that was taking place in China. The Chinese Revolution had, after all, during this same immediate time period freed the chattel and serf slaves held under the Dalai Lama’s brutal feudal system where amputations and gauging out eyes were accepted punishments for escaped slaves and communists.

After Indian independence, Bhutan came greatly under the influence of India, as did the other mountain kingdoms of Sikkim and Nepal. As India became a regional power, a repetitive reason for Indian aggression against Nepal and Bhutan has been their relations with the People’s Republic of China. Bhutan’s first Prime Minister, Jigme Palden Dorji, was assassinated by Indian operatives in 1964 for trying to establish more balanced relations China. That assassination put the king’s younger brother, Lendrup Dorje, in the position of prime minister. Indian troops were then placed at the border crossing between Bhutan and China where they remain to this day.

Today, India is also carrying out a brutal economic blockade against Nepal This part of an attempt to unravel democratic reforms that have occurred in Nepal as part of India's demand that Nepal not sell its future hydroelectric production to China. Near total silence in the western corporate media and by their governments can be read as support for India's aggression against Nepal. My next article will explore that question in more detail.

By Steven Argue

The 1949 Chinese Revolution liberated around 20% of humanity from capitalism and imperialism, as well as liberating literal slaves in the most backward parts of China, like Tibet. Life expectancy doubled under Mao's rule. Trotskyists were brutally oppressed under Mao. and today we can see many problems with the ruling heirs of Mao's Stalinist ideology who have moved to the right of Mao. Yes, we see many of the problems in China today as emerging in part from Mao's original Stalinist sins, while at the same time still hailing the tremendous advances made in the Chinese Revolution. Despite terrible setbacks, the Chinese communist revolution continues to bring great advances, including literacy, women's rights, and development. While Trotskyists have more in common with Mao than Xi Jinping, we continue to defend the Chinese revolution from imperialist attack and internal capitalist counterrevolution. In this spirit, and out of my love for such extraordinary culture and heroism in the Chinese Revolution, I share the following Chinese opera celebrating the Chinese Revolution.
My friend John asks, "Is not now China a predominantly capitalist country?".

I respond:

Important steps backward have occurred.. Capitalist inroads are major. Still, the banks and many of the most important strategic industries remain socially owned. This brings many advances through state planning including the building of housing, public transportation, renewable energy, and development in general. These socialist advances are also being exported through Chinese socialist investments in foreign countries that are bringing advances in infrastructure, education, and development that were denied by the imperialists in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Trotskyists fight for a far more socialist and anti-imperialist system, but we see the defence of China from imperialist attack and internal capitalist counterrevolution as essential.
-Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency
The East is Red (1964)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday begins a two-day visit to Paris. Rouhani in the French capital will come from Italy, where he met with the president and prime minister, and had a meeting with Pope Francis in Vatican.
Rowhani's visit to France was originally scheduled for November 16-18, 2015, but then was postponed due to a series of terrorist attacks that shook Paris on 13 November killed more than 130 people.
Iran January 16 got rid of most of the sanctions imposed on the country - the day of the IAEA submitted a report confirming the readiness of the authorities to implement the country created for her by long negotiations on the program a significant reduction of its nuclear potential. Later, the EU and US have confirmed Iran's withdrawal from the economic and financial sanctions related to its nuclear program.
Removing sanctions against Iran, in particular, to reopen the country's access to the international banking system, which will allow Iran to buy abroad previously unavailable goods - such as airplanes, automobiles, industrial equipment and medicines.
During Rouhani's visit to Italy on January 25-26, the country has signed a number of trade agreements for a total amount of 15 to 17 billion euros, including the construction of the pipeline. It is expected that during the Paris of the European trip Rowhani also signed several important business agreements for Iran.
The program of the visit
The first day of the visit will be devoted to meetings with representatives Rouhani French business circles. First, the Iranian leader will meet with 20 representatives of the Medef, the French Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Participation in this event will also French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Besides this, Rowhani will meet tete-a-tete with the heads of Airbus and Total.
It is expected that during the visit of Rouhani in Paris to sign an agreement between the two companies and Iran Air Airbus on the purchase of 114 aircraft.
According to the source agency Sputnik in the airline Iran Air, supply 114 passenger planes from Airbus to Iran will be fully completed by the end of June. On Sunday, Iran announced that it intends to purchase all in Europe more than 160 aircraft.
Another significant event during the visit to Paris Rowhani, experts say, will sign an agreement to launch a joint project automotive group PSA Peugeot and the Iranian car manufacturer Khodro. Investments of each of the parties are estimated at hundreds of millions of euros.
Willingness to return to the Iranian market also expressed another French automaker Renault, which has stopped its own production in Iran in 2013, but considers this country a strategic market for himself and hopes to re-sign the agreement on the localization of production in Iran of its new models.
In the second day of his visit, the Iranian leader to visit the Elysee Palace, where he will meet with French President Francois Hollande. During the meeting, it is also expected to sign a number of agreements, which will initiate a new era of relations between the two countries after the lifting of sanctions against Iran.
In addition, according to some media reports, on Thursday may also signed an agreement on the development of three Iranian airports: of Bouygues, ADP pretend to get the joint contract for the development of the airport in Tehran, and the company Vinci - two other airports, including Mashhad.

On April 4, 1917 Lenin in Petrograd gave a report on findings of the moment, in a text entitled "Letters on Tactics", first at a meeting of Bolsheviks and then at a meeting of delegates Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, who wanted discuss the unification of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.

The conclusions of the meetings were publicly discuss the discrepancies, calling for it to a party conference, to be held on April 20, 1917. Letters on Tactics serve as practical tasks of the working class movement, criticized the inability of some leaders who failed to grasp the change of objectives and the insurrectionary strategy to the final outcome.

It is a text that has not aged despite the date, some deny the author, remains valid for the analysis and synthesis as a field in the study of tactics and political situation. The text can not be left to the gnawing criticism of the mice, but the contextualization of the new revolutionary stage.

Letters on Tactics

In letters on tactics, Lenin attaches great importance to the assessment of the political situation, to cover certain times, to include multiple forms of reality, took into account the social contradictions, the power system that gives rise to these contradictions, and the trends they have. So it looks which are determinants which the principal and those who accompany them. The letters begin with the following call: "Marxism demands of us the most accurate, objectively verifiable analysis of the correlation of classes and the specific characteristics of each historical moment. We Bolsheviks have always tried to be faithful to this requirement, arguably mandatory from the point of view of any scientific foundation of politics. "

Lenin's Letters from Afar determines "the peculiarity of the present situation in Russia" as a phase of transition from the first stage of the revolution to the second. Before the revolution these processes of power was in the hands of the tsarist (nobles, feudal landowners. At the head of Nicholas Romanov).


The first stage "is the passage of state power into the hands of the bourgeoisie. The passing of state power to a new class, is the first major feature. How the power of this class end? When a class defeat the other. In the case of the democratic revolution - bourgeois, it is terminated by the democratic dictatorship - revolutionary alliance between the workers and peasants, as correlation and accumulation of forces, a correlation of class. He ran as Lenin said "the formula of ideas to the formula of the realities." For every theory is crystallized when the masses appropriate it. The government in Petrograd is in the hands of the workers and soldiers, there is no violence, "since there is no separate police or army of the people, not bureaucracy that is placed in an omnipotent way above the people."

The basic aim is the emancipation of capital and building a new system to replace capitalism. This neglect arises regarding opportunism. "The movement is everything, the objectives do not matter" (Bernstein).

Political violence

Marxist theory teaches us that the bourgeoisie is not maintained only through political violence, which is the ultimate goal of capital in its relationship with the state and the ruling class of a political sector. But also, to a lack of consciousness, routine, lack of political education as an expression of illiteracy in reading reality, mass disorganization, lack of creativity in aspects of both unit tactical and strategic as often sectarianism of the left itself. "A Marxist to appreciate the point, since it is not possible, but because of the real." Lenin said "it is possible that farmers follow the advice of the petty-bourgeois Socialist Party, influenced by the bourgeoisie and has passed the defencist position, which advises waiting until the Constituent National Assembly, although so far, and whether wants has set the date of convocation! many things are possible, but it is wrong to forget reality. You need to follow a patient and constant work, which is adapted to the practical needs of the masses.

Two Tactics (July 1905), "the revolutionary democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and the peasantry has its past and its future, and around the world. Its past is autocracy, feudalism, monarchy, privileges ... Its future is the struggle against private property, the struggle of the wage worker against the employer the struggle for socialism. " The criticism that is done is to not dwell on the past, we must look at the new time in the course of all his contradictions and trends.

The war is past, is not the only solution to the problems of a society, there are other political solutions to the social and armed conflict. The masses can not be left to the intoxication of false dilemmas, leaving the general spread of epidemic of mass drunkenness (a military solution). The ideological struggle, the battle of ideas, mobilization, mass struggle, the unity of the most advanced, democratic and revolutionary sectors are ways to combat this intoxication. In the childhood disease of leftism in Communism, confirms the phrase "The idea is to win the masses for the transformation of society and they learn from their own experience".


The unit can not simply watch as concrete political institutions called to make this correlation. The unit is to be realized in the whole society to transform. Be creative, taking into account real life, and not clinging to theories of yesterday, only covered in an approximate way the complexity of life. They are joining forces through a programmatic compromise on points where there are agreements. Promote tactical alliances between different forces and simultaneously strategies, objectives forces very close. Lenin cites some words of Mephistopheles, Faust tragedy of Goethe "theory, my friend, is gray; but the tree of life is eternally green. "

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