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Must Yemeni youth is facing the repercussions and consequences of the death of the Global Humanitarian conscience and love when you do not know ways to atone for sins and correct the injustice which they inflicted on their victims.

Young men and women of Yemen will not wait for the awakening of the international conscience and out of the recovery room. But Saagafzon above international politicians, opportunists and international and regional balances, and above plots intelligence and Western interests in Yemen, at the expense of the interests of the Yemeni people,

Saagafzon over the phenomenon of barbarism internationalism and tampering with the lives of innocent people, and will continue to uncover fraud and falsity of the advocates of freedom and justice Ranters human rights Almtstron on violators of crimes and massacres against innocent people in Yemen and other stricken international community Fiddler dreams of peoples and aspirations of the Arab states to live Alkarim..osathbton that this nation deserves life .

Arab nations will not continue in the hell of hopelessness and helplessness because of the repercussions of the death of the world's conscience and rotting human feelings among international, regional and Arab actors and dominant on the political scene and security tragic Arab forces as reflected in particular in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

That power has been calculated miscalculation and played roles malicious sabotage, which led to the arrival of some of the Arab countries to the catastrophic situation that we see ahead of us.Those forces see and hear on a daily basis and over the years, the pain and the groans of millions Arabs, men and women, young men and women and children, they face death by air raids and hunger and thirst, disease and live in the open and the loss of all their possessions. The lucky ones of them manage to get out of this hell for Aimoa on their faces over the whole world, either in misery, humiliation and destitution and despair killer camps, either in death boats that sail them across the seas and oceans die to die and live survives to face the horrors of exile as a refugee unwelcome and as a man without a future no identity and no hope.

Let us make a revolution against the unjust international community and partner with human rights violators and destroyers of the Arab nations to live by the West and the Arabs die ...

Yemen is about watching life wither and turn to dust in front of your eyes, not because your hands cant keep hold of it but because it is obliterated by bombs, shattered by shrapnel, eviscerated by blast after blast of hate and vindictiveness.

In Yemen life is about resistance even when every fibre of your being is screaming to relinquish hope and succumb to grief.

In Yemen saying good bye is a daily occurrence, kissing your child's face, mingling your tears with their still-warm blood and wishing your breath could enter their body and bring them back to you one last time.

In Yemen the dust lives in your eyes and your mouth, grinding against your teeth like the gnawing hunger in your belly.

In Yemen hope is a crumb of stale bread or getting to the front of the queue for clean water.

In Yemen life has become a fight to retain every shred of dignity when your existence has been reduced to tattered remains of what you dreamed it would be.

In Yemen life is waking up every day to the cacophony of war, the orchestra of death and knowing you are alone.

In Yemen, resistance is all that is left because dying is better than kneeling before the snarling dogs of war.

In Yemen what is great and good in Humanity is a force that will never be subdued, this is Yemen and Yemen will prevail.

Ahrar # stone appealing to their fellow stone of Amorran sons and cheated in a letter warning of the crime Sertkpha Reform Party on Thursday under the false and the false title of her journey of conscience and describe that this party has known in its history that has a conscience or a sense of patriotism or religious

He says the stone honest that it planned similar Juma dignity of other planned Reform Party .otnfzha leadership # # entrepreneurship in Taiz, led by the Custodian of the sons of Saud Mikhlafi-Within the political paperwork that has consistently used the Reform Party, but the Zionist Joani is paper invest the blood of innocent people and the search for .akther number of victims and the torrent of blood this paper which fluent Reform Party employed and invested .abbar his media and irritation street .dd opponents .hzb reform today plans to massacre new offense other added his crimes endless ..jmah other the dignity of a new massacre added to the Public is full of crimes of war and terrorism, lynching and assassination .almquaolh particularly the reform Party file called march of what he called the conscience of the soil city to Taiz under alleged and the falsity of the siege and the liberation of Taiz. This call came after the Order reform Party malicious and despicable plan and equipped dozens of snipers in different areas on the way to the soil of Taiz, at a certain moment and a certain place will these snipers opened fire on the march. after readiness to extreme means of the reform Party and agents of the sons of Saud .alta publish breaking news the moment it happens was preceded by moments as our return this means in many events fabricated and prepared in advance .. reform Party and then militarily, politically and popularly failing .haho ​​used his paper despicable in the commission of a crime against the fans of innocent people to achieve its political gains and invests in the media and the military. According to the Zionist idea and its tools and methods Alzionh dirty Aehmh but to achieve the target tasks the means dirty and tools do not hesitate or work account anything that is not the number of victims and the blood of the innocent .almanm in his policy of Zionism is the act occurred and invest this event in order to achieve his goals and his policy of Zionism ..ola still all remember Juma dignity which more fell fifty dead and dozens of wounded from the finest young revolution .walimn.: Juma dignity ..hzb reform was invited to march to storm the cabinet .ouknash reform first armored division and killed the youth. Then we have all seen how the Reform Party and the means invested informed of the blood of the martyrs to achieve cheap political gains the most important join the forces of corruption and power centers to the revolution, control and steal, led by the commander of the first armored division offender Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar ..

Stone .iaabina Do not let .mntguetkm .sahh strife and war ,, to Atjallo you fuel the war and taste .jeraim promising her Sertkpha plans Reform Party across the Banu Kalb Saud Hamoud Mikhlafi, which was unable to open a front in Sharhab that come on his Directorate because they know who this mercenary hack it any categories is, drive out of your neighborhood .dai sedition and terrorism, the criminal Zionists century Hamoud Mikhlafi client devil .okiedh reform Party traded debt ..ohaknoa your blood and the blood of all Yemenis and Atkonowa firewood for the fire sparked by aggression and its clients.

P crimes that happen in Taiz Evtolha Reform Party in order that invests in the media and financially as secure from which to recruit members of the fools who do not know a bloody party dirty and bloody ..alm and tactics allegedly Banu Kalb Saud Mikhlafi he came to liberate Taiz should go a real man instead of hiding behind neighborhoods residential in Taiz or behind the citizens are safe. Do ..osma who Christrrha Christrrha of her children ??

To come to Israel and Sudan and the British and the Zionists Gulf mercenaries and all the world, as is happening today in the Garden of Eden, which they claim is liberated and where we have a lessonIf we do not take a lesson, O sons of stone we will be the next lesson

Oh God, Oh God, I have reached, bear witness Ahaknoa your blood because you Stguetlon dead dogs sons of Saud to deal in our neighborhoods and the dead

Stone are free bastion of knowledge, tolerance and Highness Haya day haven displaced people can not be a tool of the mercenaries and hired dealers wars and for the sake of the interest of the sons of Saud, who if those better Jerusalem was the first all aircraft took off and all the rounds fired in Yemen, but the Jews of age Venhdhir my brothers and sisters than planned Let us take a lesson for us before we are through it.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is rearing its head again in Saudi Arabia but somehow health officials and scientists can do little more than scratch their heads when trying to explain where it comes from. The problem is the most likely cause is almost as easying as adding two plus two and getting four. According to Reuters:

The UN group – a international delegation of scientists and public health experts from World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Organization for Animal Health – visited Saudi Arabia last week to investigate a sharp rise in MERS cases.
All the experts are there, right? The best and the brightest in the business was at ground zero for MERS. In order to stop this deadly virus, the origins of it have to be discovered, right?

Saudi Arabia has not done enough to investigate and control a deadly new MERS virus that has killed hundreds of people there and remains in many ways a mystery, United Nations health experts said on Monday.

Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are surging again, but Saudi health officials and scientists appear unable to explain where the infections start and how they spread, the UN experts said.
Much of this head-scratching should be unnecessary because the most obvious explanation for the source of the virus has already been determined:

Initial scientific studies have linked MERS to camels, but disease experts say it is not at all clear how the infection passes from the animals. Many people infected in the community and in hospitals report no contact with camels, they note.

“There are so many aspects of the virus that are still unknown,” said Berhe Tekola, director of the FAO’s animal production and health division.

While many of these people may not have access to camels, there is an abundance of Camel-based products on the market, not the least of which is camel urine for human consumption.

Not enough losses inflicted on Saudi military machine (its lackeys reactionary Gulf and the mercenaries at their service) by the skill and courage of the Yemeni Army and People's Committees of Ansarullah; the expeditionary force sent to Yemen from Riyadh and accomplices is also decimated by the consequences of his gross incompetence and inexperience, which have so far caused the loss of hundreds of men and dozens and dozens of expensive weapons systems of production in Europe and America.
Only in the last hour they force Aviation Sanaa would cut down on the district Jihanah a "reconnaissance unit" of the Saudi regime. Riyadh has supplied airplanes "dedicated" for reconnaissance and this gives rise to the suspicion that this writer 'device' can actually be a drone; However the news is significant because so far the Yemeni Air Force did not take a direct part in operations of defense of the fatherland.
Moreover, in the southeastern part of the Province of Lahji a camp of mercenaries in the service of the 're-yobs' oil it was attacked by Yemeni forces that destroyed a tank and killed two soldiers. Finally, in the same province (which surrounds the city of Aden) an F-16 (probably the UAE) is it crashed to the ground for reasons as yet unknown, but probably connected the inexperience of the pilot.

The northern Italian region of Lombardy has passed regulations forbidding access into hospitals and public buildings to anyone wearing face-covering garments, such as the burqa and niqab; this is the first regional law to explicitly outlaw Islamic face coverings in Italy.

Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni announced the new regulation for access to regional structures, prompted in particular by the Northern League after the November 13 jihadist attacks in Paris. The text makes reference to national legislation already in place, which prohibits people from going about in public dressed in a way that prevents facial recognition without a “justifiable motive.”
The secretary of the Lombard League, Paul Grima, said that current legislation is not respected or enforced, “as thousands of Muslim women go about undisturbed with their faces completely covered by the burqa or the niqab, making it impossible to identify them.”

The new regulation, which will take effect on January 1, 2016, authorizes personnel to stop people from entering public buildings if their faces are not clearly visible, and thus prohibits not only the burqa, but also helmets and other headgear.

The Lombard Regional Council voted in the amended legislation unanimously, which explicitly states that religious motives will no longer constitute a justifiable motive for covering one’s face. “Religious traditions or customs cannot represent just cause for an exemption according to article 5 of Law 152/1975 regarding the demands of security within regional buildings,” the regulations state.

“We have updated legislation and now those in charge of access will stop anyone trying to enter with their faces covered,” Maroni said.

Simona Bordonali, head of Security, Civil Protection and Immigration in Lombardy, said that “serious terror attacks” in recent weeks had led the region to beef up its security measures.

“Whoever wants to enter a hospital in Lombardy or regional offices must be recognizable and have an uncovered face,” she said. “The burqa and the niqab, as well as ski masks and full-face helmets, are therefore banned.”

In recent weeks, Italy has been praised for the effectiveness of its counterterrorism measures and put forward as a model for other European nations.

As part of its security, Italy routinely profiles suspects, deports those considered a danger to the state, and jails those inciting terrorist acts. It also benefits from decades of experience fighting organized mafia crime within its borders, which parallels the actions of terrorists in significant ways.

Bahrains king holds Hanukkah candle-lightingThe king of Bahrain has hosted a candle-lighting ceremony at his palace to mark the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, bringing in a rabbi from Europe to conduct the service.
According to the Conference of European Rabbis, Monday’s ceremony in Manama, Bahrain’s capital, was the first of its kind in the Persian Gulf nation’s palace since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Conference Director Rabbi Moshe Levin, who was invited by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, recited the traditional blessings while lighting the candles, and sang a verse of “Ma’oz Tzur,” the traditional Hanukkah hymn. Some 50 Jews were present for the ceremony.

“A little light drives off a lot of darkness,” Levin told the king, according to the press release. “Bahrain under your rule is a little light in a dark world of radical fundamentalism.”
Levin is a close adviser to the chief rabbi of France, and also serves as rabbi of the French Gendarmerie, the nation’s police force. He arrived in Bahrain together with the French imam Hassan Chalghoumi, who also took part in the candle lighting.

“The call to war against terror needs to come from the leaders of all the religions as one,” said the king of Bahrain while welcoming his guests.

“Here in Bahrain members of all the religions live with no fear, and we will continue to allow Jews to live peacefully and quietly, maintaining their lifestyle, their customs and the commandments of their religion without any fear.”

Former Bahraini ambassador to the US and a member of the Jewish community Houda Ezra Ebrahim Nonoo said that “since 1948 a Hanukkah candle hasn’t been lit in the synagogue in Bahrain.”
According to Israel National News, Levin sat next to the king as an open sign of recognition during a special interfaith meeting in which various representatives called to join forces in a war against terrorism and for true peace between the nations.
Levin then joined a special dinner held by the royal palace with Bahrain’s justice and interior ministers attending.

He said following his meetings there that King Al Khalifa “truly loves” the Jewish people and added that they are granted favorable conditions by the authorities under his rule.