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» » » Saudi Coalition suffers embarrassing defeat in northern Yemen: 400+ dead

Day three of the Saudi-led Coalition’s large-scale offensive in the Midi District failed to yield any gains for the latter, as they suffered another embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Houthi forces and Yemeni Republican Guard near the Saudi border-crossing. 

According to the Republican Guard spokesperson General Sharif Ghaleb Luqman, the total casualties for the Saudi-led Coalition and Hadi loyalists has now exceeded over 400 military personnel after three days of intense battle. -

In addition to losing over 400 military personnel, the Saudi-led Coalition lost an estimated 15 armored vehicles during the failed offensive on the southern flank of Midi District. -

On Monday, the Saudi-led Coalition – backed by Hadi loyalists – launched a massive offensive in northern Yemen, targeting the Houthi-controlled district of Midi near the Saudi border-crossing. -

However, the offensive was over-hyped by the Saudi-state media and failed to yield any significant gains, despite having air supremacy and the superior firepower against the poorly-armed Houthi fighters and Yemeni Republican Guard.

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