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» » Reserve discovered in Venezuela's largest gold on the face of the earth.

In the eastern part of the mining Arch country located in Bolivar State in Venezuela has proven reserves of 4,300 tons in the field of Gold nothing and the signing of the document where the official certification starts, reserves projections experts say Venezuela could be placed above the 7 thousand tons, with the second gold reserve in the world with high potential to exceed the projected figures to stand as booking largest gold on the face of the earth with an approximate area of 111,000 square kilometers, today, these are data very important because in addition to the reserve of the world's largest oil with more than 490 billion barrels of oil and the second reserve largest land gas, these two also in the South American country (Venezuela).

Maduro reiterated that it has a national project. "We have a plan, but beyond that, we have the experience, national and international alliances, we have everything to turn this great engine, with the key players, national and major global investors from 35 countries, with our artisanal mining small and medium, to which we are giving special treatment and a clear vision of mining development, from concepts to ecosocialism biovidersidad absolute respect, "he said.
"The concept is to make a respectful exploitation of the environment and human being, and to a process of industrial development in Venezuela, advance a new development concept combining the high investment, high technology with artisanal miners in the country there."
He also noted that "everything is given to us to initiate a partnership, an association, new sources of wealth for Venezuela, the legal framework is established, it is very clear, and its spine is that our country develops, downstream in the ability to generate new sources of wealth of short, medium and long term, "he said.

Moreover, he stressed that the presence of 150 companies in the country is a demonstration of faith and trust, to deepen the capabilities of the nation.
"This is a very important act, I want to acknowledge the presence of all investors from 35 countries, who come 150 companies most in the world in the field of mining, taking the willing to work invitation is not anything, thanks for being with us, in a show of faith and trust in Venezuela, "he said from the vicinity of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).
Finally, Maduro added that "we can not build air leaderships, air Republics, we need to build leadership and real Republics, walk with the feet of those who work, to think with the head of those who feel the country and have the ability to depth feel the love that moves us as a country ". How did reacionará US with this new discovery in Venezuela?

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