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» » New Yorker promotes Classical White Supremacy Colonial Racism against East Asian people

This front cover of the New Yorker promotes the classical white supremacy colonial racism against East Asian people in its depiction of Socialist Korean leader as a child. Compounded in the racist framework of the picture is to at once depict this Asian and non-Western leader as a child but also a threat, the implicit meaning being that defiant peoples and their leaders against imperial son cannot be trusted with their own affairs and must be minded by the 'mature' and 'responsible' colonial and imperialist overlords.

That such a classic colonial racist attack can be made in a leading western journal indicates that Black and Asian people, a successfully resisting East Asian and East Asian people in general can be openly contemptuously treated with impunity.

The fact that the UK and USA killed 4 million Koreans between 1950-1953 is hardly known, and this ignorance directly feeds this racism, because if people are not aware the historic and present reasons why this racism takes place, then that ignorance informs and facilitates the historic and current imperialist crimes.

Many many millions of East Asian people were killed in Vietnam by imperialism in the 1960s and 1970s, after the Vietnamese radical socialist anti-imperialists freed their country, the Westerners who were inspired by their sacrifice of millions have since lost interest and have until now been unconcerned about a recovering and rebuilding people and nation.

The British army conducted a brutal war against anti-imperialist radical socialists in Malaya, where the revolutionaries were raped and be headed by the British army, but there has been no campaigns in Britain to seek justice for these people.

While Japan conducted brutal colonial policies in the region, with the backing of western imperialism, Japan itself has been victim itself of imperialism with the killing of 100s of thousands in the USA bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, they were massacred as a message to the anti-imperialist people's of the world that this is what they are facing if they dare to stand up for themselves. However, China, Vietnam and Korea showed that imperialist nuclear threats are a 'paper tiger' and liberation victories can be won.

More recently we are East Asian women, girls and boys subjected to colonial sexual acts and abuse, such as the sexual and sex child abuse industry in parts of South East Asia whereby mostly western white men go to sexually abuse our peoples with general impunity. A sexual abuse industry that has much to do with imperialist occupations and aggression in Korea but especially during the war against Vietnam.

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