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» » » hundreds war crimes in Yemen., Saudis aggressive are using ideology , money and oil

Must Yemeni youth is facing the repercussions and consequences of the death of the Global Humanitarian conscience and love when you do not know ways to atone for sins and correct the injustice which they inflicted on their victims.

Young men and women of Yemen will not wait for the awakening of the international conscience and out of the recovery room. But Saagafzon above international politicians, opportunists and international and regional balances, and above plots intelligence and Western interests in Yemen, at the expense of the interests of the Yemeni people,

Saagafzon over the phenomenon of barbarism internationalism and tampering with the lives of innocent people, and will continue to uncover fraud and falsity of the advocates of freedom and justice Ranters human rights Almtstron on violators of crimes and massacres against innocent people in Yemen and other stricken international community Fiddler dreams of peoples and aspirations of the Arab states to live Alkarim..osathbton that this nation deserves life .

Arab nations will not continue in the hell of hopelessness and helplessness because of the repercussions of the death of the world's conscience and rotting human feelings among international, regional and Arab actors and dominant on the political scene and security tragic Arab forces as reflected in particular in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

That power has been calculated miscalculation and played roles malicious sabotage, which led to the arrival of some of the Arab countries to the catastrophic situation that we see ahead of us.Those forces see and hear on a daily basis and over the years, the pain and the groans of millions Arabs, men and women, young men and women and children, they face death by air raids and hunger and thirst, disease and live in the open and the loss of all their possessions. The lucky ones of them manage to get out of this hell for Aimoa on their faces over the whole world, either in misery, humiliation and destitution and despair killer camps, either in death boats that sail them across the seas and oceans die to die and live survives to face the horrors of exile as a refugee unwelcome and as a man without a future no identity and no hope.

Let us make a revolution against the unjust international community and partner with human rights violators and destroyers of the Arab nations to live by the West and the Arabs die ...

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